Property Maintenance - Copying a Maintenance Task

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Chintaro enables you to create a one-off maintenance task for 1 Property, and then copy this same one-off task over to multiple Properties. This differs from Cyclical Maintenance, where you want Chintaro to create recurring Maintenance Tasks for an Inventory Item, at a specified time (EG Once a year, Once every 3 Months, Once a Week, etc).  

This solution explains the process of:

Go in to any Property, and click the Inventory button. 

Click 'Add Inventory Item'. Enter the details of the Inventory Item, including the Tradesperson you want to complete all maintenance for all Properties. For example, the Tradesperson named 'Garbage' will be undertaking all Maintenance at the Properties:

Click Update to save.  

Step 2: Copy the Inventory Item to the desired Properties

After adding the Maintenance Task, you will need to clone the Inventory Item to other Properties. From the Home Screen, click Properties, then Clone Inventory Items.

Select the Source Property as the Property you added the Inventory Item to and select the Inventory Item you added:

Go to the bottom right section and click to highlight the Properties you want to clone the Item to:

Once you've selected these Properties, click 'Create a copy of the selected Inventory Items in ALL OF THESE Properties':

Step 3: Create 1 Maintenance Task

Click Add Maintenance Task and select a Property from the Property Details field, and select the Inventory Item you created. Enter the relevant information, including the Urgency and the Instructions:

Step 4: Copy the Maintenance Task to selected Properties

Click Copy This Task at the top of the screen:

Click on the Property you wish to copy this task to (EG Smith 198) and select the Inventory Item the Maintenance is linked to:

Click Update. A warning message appears asking if you're sure you want to copy the task - click Yes.

A message appears asking if you want a new Auto-Generated Order Number. If you want all of the Maintenance Tasks for this Tradesperson to have the same order number, click No.

If you do not want all of the Maintenance Tasks for this Tradesperson to have the same order number, meaning each Maintenance Task will have a different order number, click Yes.

The Maintenance Tasks will appear in the Maintenance Schedule at the bottom of the screen:


Double click to open the task and change the Dates (if required).

Repeat Step 4 for all other Properties. 

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