How to write off Arrears for a Tenant

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At times, you may want to write off either Rent Arrears, Non Rent Arrears, or a Transaction Group (EG Water Arrears, Utilities Arrears, etc) for a Tenant. You can apply write off's to both current Tenancy records, or a Vacated Tenancy records.

Creating 'Write Off' Transaction Types

First, you will need to create new Transaction Types, depending on the type of arrears you want to write off. 

From the Home Screen, click System Maintenance, then Reference Tables, and search for the Transaction Type Reference Table:

Your system will default with one transaction 'Write Off' with ID 7:

If you would like to differentiate between Rent Arrears Write Off, Non Rent Arrears Write Off, or a Transaction Group Write Off (EG Water Arrears Write Off, Utilities Arrears Write Off), you will need to create new transaction types for each of the different Write Off's you wish to have:

EG: For 2 Transaction Types, Rent Arrears Write Off, and Non Rent Arrears Write Off, enter Transaction Types as below:

Or, for Transaction Groups Write Off, enter each different Transaction Type As '(TYPE) Arrears Write Off' as below:

 Applying a Write Off to a Tenancy

After you have set up Write Off Transaction Types, you can apply a Write Off to a Tenancy. 

Click Tenancies in the Toolbar, and search for the Tenancy you want to apply the Write Off for. Double click their row to open their Tenancy screen:

Click the Enter Transaction button, and the Enter Transaction pop up appears. 

Select the appropriate Transaction Type for the Write Off (EG Rent Arrears Write Off). This will show as a Credit to the Tenancy. Select the date, and enter the amount you will write off. Enter any transaction comments:

Click 'Add' to add the transaction to the Tenancy Ledger:

Viewing all Write Off Transactions in Chintaro

To view or export Write Off transactions, from the Home Screen, click Finance, then Tenancy Transaction Functions, then Manage Tenancy Transactions:

To filter to Write Off Transactions, click the black arrow in the Transaction Type column heading, go down to Text Filters, and select 'Contains'. Enter 'Write Off' in this box:

 and click OK.

The screen will be filtered to show all Write Off transactions:

Note: You are able to filter this screen many ways, and using the 'Contains' Text Filter is just one example. Please view the following hyperlink for How to use Search Screens in Chintaro

Exporting Write Off Transactions

Once you've filtered the Manage Tenancy Transactions screen to show the Write Off transactions, you are able to export them to MS Excel by clicking the Export button, or send the data straight to the printer by clicking the Print button.

You can also export the Transactions by the Export menu. From the Home Screen, click Reports and Exports, then Exports, then Tenancies and click the Export 'Transactions (Tenancy)'. Use the Select Criteria at the bottom of the screen to filter the export by Transaction Type, Property, Program, etc and use the Transaction Date fields to export data for a specific period:


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