Chintaro has 9 levels of security, where your Organisation can define what access certain user roles have in the system.

The Forms tab is where you can specify which buttons and fields users can, and cannot access.

To enable or disable buttons or fields in certain screens that user roles can access, from the Security screen, click the Forms tab.


The columns with the tick boxes in the Forms screen correspond with the User Roles in the User Maintenance Tab. Level 1 is 1, Level 2 is 2, Level 3 is 3, etc. The names of the User Roles may differ in your Organisation, but the User Role at the top is level 1, and the System Administrator is the highest level of access.

EG: Reception is Level 1; Administration is Level 2; Property Manager is Level 3

The first column is the Form Name, and this will tell you what screen the buttons are on:


EG: fArrears is the Arrears Management Screen; fAvailability is the Room Bookings Screen; fBankManual is the Manual Bank Processing Screen, etc. If you are unsure about any of the Form Names, please contact

The Caption column is what the button or field looks like to users: 

The Visible column will indicate if the button name is Visible to users. If this is unticked, the button will appear blank for the user roles who have had their user role box unticked also. 

EG: The image below indicates that the 'Select All' button will not be visible for Levels 1 and 2, but visible for all other user roles. 

If a Level 1 or 2 user goes in to the Arrears Management screen, the Select All button will be blank:

To disable a button in a screen for a particular User Role, untick the box in the column that correlates with the User Role number.

EG: We only want our Level 8 and Level 9 users to be able to Generate Rent from the Tenancy Screen. 

All user roles apart from 8 and 9 are unticked, and when a level 1 to level 7 user goes in to a Tenancy Record, the disabled button (Generate Rent) button will appear greyed out and not be able to be clicked:

If you need assistance with setting up the Forms page in Security, please email and we will assist you.