Tenancy Balances is a screen that is used to see what your Tenant’s balances are at any given date. It is a useful screen for Tenancy Managers to view all of their Tenant’s balances quickly, without having to look at each individual Tenancy Record.

SQL Users ONLY: If you are running SQLx 18.10.15 or later, Chintaro will include the As At Date filtering option in the Tenancy Balances screen. If you are not running SQLx, or you cannot see the As At Date field, please contact support@chintaro.com.au for assistance with updating your version.


Opening the Tenancy Balances screen

To access the Tenancy Balances screen, from the Home Screen, click Finance, then click Tenancy Balances.

A warning pop up will open, advising you that the Tenancy Balances screen may take some time to load. Click Yes to continue:

Clicking Yes will open the Tenancy Balances screen:


The default for this screen is to show the Balance As At today. If you want to view the Tenancy Balances as a past date, enter the date in the As At Date field, and press <ENTER>: 

The 3 Balance columns and 1 Days column will all update (The Days column will show you the number of days a Tenant is Rent Arrears only, and does not reflect Non Rent balances):

Other columns that will update when you change the As At Date are:

Daily Rent As At - 
Will show you the Tenant's daily rent amount as at the date at the top of the screen.

Weekly Rent As At - Will show you the Tenant's weekly rent amount as at the date at the top of the screen.

Daily Rent Now - Will show you the Tenant's daily rent amount as at today's date.

Weekly Rent Now - Will show you the Tenant's weekly rent amount as at today's date.

You will also be able to view the Tenancy Balances for any splits or arrangements set up on the Tenancy, by scrolling over to the right hand side and viewing the columns for 'Split Category's:

 The Split Categories in this screen are in the same order that they have been added to the Tenancy Screen > Payment Arrangements function (Split 1 is the split at the top, split 2 is the second one from the top, etc).

 Sorting and Filtering the Tenancy Balances Screen

The Tenancy Balances screen is a very useful screen to see Tenant's overall balance, Rent Balance and Non Rent Balance quickly. If you're unsure how to sort and filter screens in Chintaro, check the following solution for tips: Using Search Screens in Chintaro

Viewing an Individual Tenancy Screen from the Tenancy Balances screen

If you wish to view a Tenancy screen from the Tenancy Balances screen, double click on the row of the Tenant whose record you would like to view. To go back to the Tenancy Balances screen, press the  button at the top left hand side of the Toolbar to return to the Tenancy Balances screen.