The Manage Property Transactions screen is used to view all of the Property Transactions from all Properties in the system. The screen can be used to generate reports, exports, and to investigate Property Transaction history (EG total cost of Maintenance Tasks for the Calendar/Financial year, etc).


To access the Manage Property Transactions screen, from the Finance Sub-Menu, click Property Transactions Functions and then click Manage Property Transactions.

Clicking Manage Property Transactions will open the Property Transactions Search Screen (See Solution: Using Search Screens in Chintaro).


Sort and filter the screen by any of the column headings to filter the data you want to view, for example: 

Filter by Transaction Type: To show only Property Maintenance, Council Rates, Management Fees, etc.


Filter by Date: Use the date filters to isolate a period of time for the transactions (EG Last Week, Last Month, Dates in a Period – Quarter 1, etc).


Filter by Program: To isolate the transactions for one Program that your Organisation is running.

The Manage Property Transactions screen has a number of functions at the top of the screen, enabling you to Print or Export the data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


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