The Direct Debit Processing function in Chintaro will create an ABA (Australian Bankers Association) file that contains the details of the Tenants paying via Direct Debit that you will upload to the bank. 

Before you can use the Direct Debit function successfully, you will need to:

1.  Set up Bank Account(s) in Chintaro

2.  Set up Direct Debit details for each Tenant

3.  Create a Direct Debit File to upload to the Bank

Set up Bank Accounts

From the Home Screen, click System Maintenance, Reference Tables and select Bank Account from the list.


Your current Bank Accounts will appear in the Bank Account reference table:



If the account that you will be uploading the ABA file to is not in your list of Bank Accounts, add it here.


You will also need to enter data in to the columns (below) such as Bank Name, Bank Abbreviation (3 letter code), your BSB number, Account number, ABA User Name, ABA User ID, and indicate if this is a Money Order account:

Update Tenant Details

For each Tenant that will be paying via Direct Debit, go to their Tenancy Record, and click

Enter the appropriate details of the Tenant: 

Active Debit indicates that this is a current record.  If you untick this box, this Tenancy will not be included in the Direct Debit file.

Create a Direct Debit File

From the Home Screen, click Finance, then Bank Functions, and Direct Debit Processing.


The Direct Debit screen will open:


Enter values in the fields at the top of the screen:


Generate Debits For: The Date that the Debits are processed

Output Folder: The folder that the ABA file will be created in

Receiving Bank Account: The bank account that the Debits will be received

The Compare box indicates that the amount you have entered in the Direct Debit Screen (on the Tenancy Record) matches the amount you are charging for Rent (in the Rent Record). If this box is not ticked, go back to the Tenancy Record and check the amounts before processing the file.


Select each of the Tenants to be included (you can use the Select All or Select None buttons) and then click Generate


The ABA file will have been created in the specified location and Rent Payment transactions will have been created for each of the Tenants included. All of Next Process Date and Last Process Date fields have been updated.

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