You can download Bank Statements from your Bank’s website and import them directly in to Chintaro. 

The payments are matched by the Payment Book ID that is located on the Tenancy Record.


The Payment Book ID for the Tenancy Record must match the text that the Bank puts on their statement or the payment will not be allocated automatically in Chintaro.


As with the Centrepay import, to import a Bank Statement, you can use the Multi Bank Processing screen.


The Multi Bank Processing screen will open:

 The steps to import the Bank Statement are listed in order from 1-5. 

1.  Select Import File:  Click the button to find the file you have downloaded from the Bank’s website and saved on your server. When you have found the file, click to highlight it, and click Open.



2.  Select Bank Account: Select the Bank Account that you will be importing the file to. Ensure you select the correct Bank Account.


3.  Import the File: Click. All of the transactions in the file will be imported in to the main section of the screen. The dates of the Transactions will appear next to the Import Button

This screen is like a holding screen, and the payments listed will not go on to Tenancy record until you have looked at the information that is imported, and you are satisfied that it is correct.


At this point, you need to check the allocations and correct any problems there are with the Bank Statement imported. If there is no name in the Tenancy column, you are able to use the drop down list to work out who the payment is for.  If you cannot identify the Tenant, process the payments that are allocated and come back to the ones that are not allocated when Viewing Bank Accounts (See Solution: View Bank Accounts).


4.  Select the correct Tenancies and mark all records that will generate a Payment: Ensure all Rent Payments have the box ticked. Only payments with the Generate Credit box ticked will be applied to the Tenancy. The Generate Credit box indicates if the payment will be allocated to the Tenancy in Step 5. The boxes that are not ticked indicate that Chintaro does not have enough information to create the transactions (EG Blank Tenancy field), or because the line is marked as *Not a Rent Payment*.

5.  Generate Payments and Transfer to Bank Account: When the payments have been allocated to the correct Tenancies, click 


Chintaro will advise you the number of Rent Payments, Other Credits, Bond and Property Fee Transactions Generated to the Tenancy Records, and that the Transactions have been transferred to the Bank Account:


The payments will now show on the Tenancy Transactions ledger as individual payments:

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