In order to import Centrepay Payments directly in to Chintaro, you will need to receive your Centrepay payment files as CSV (Comma Separated Values) files. NOTE: If you are not receiving your Centrepay Payment Files in CSV format, you need to speak to your Centrepay Representative and ask them to change this. It should take a day or two to change your files to CSV format. 

There are two separate screens that can be used to import Centrepay Payments and Bank Statements.

1.   Multi Bank Processing – Use the Multi Bank Processing screen if your Tenants have 0 or 1 other charges (EG Utilities, Furniture, Garden, etc.).

2.  Multi Bank Processing (2 Line) – Use the Multi Bank Processing (2 Line) screen if your Tenants have multiple other charges (EG Utilities, Furniture, Tenant Maintenance, etc.)  Click here to view the Solution for How to Import Centrepay Payments for Tenants with splits

To import Centrepay Payments directly in to Chintaro, from the Finance Sub-Menu, click Bank Functions and then click Multi Bank Processing.

The Multi Bank Processing screen will open:

The steps to import Centrepay Payments are listed in order from 1-5:

1.  Select Import File: Click the button to find the file that you have downloaded from the Centrepay Website and saved on your server. When you have found the file, click to highlight it, and then click Open.

2.  Select Bank Account: Ensure you select Centrepay as the Bank Account if you are importing a Centrepay File.

3.  Import the File: Click. All of the transactions in the file will be imported in to the main section of the screen. The dates of the Transactions will appear next to the Import Button

This screen is like a holding screen and the payments listed will not go on to Tenancy record until you have looked at the information, and are satisfied that it is correct.

The left hand side of the screen is the information from Centrepay:

Date: The Date of the transaction.

Amount: The amount of the transaction.

Description: For Centrepay files, the description will be the Centrepay File information, such as Advises (EG PYI510), Tenant Information (EG Centrelink Reference Number & Name) or Centrelink Fees (EG Centrelink Fee 555024999H).

The right hand side of the screen is how Chintaro has interpreted the information from Centrepay:

Tenancy: The Tenancy column indicates which Tenant the payment will be allocated to. There may be payments in the file that are marked as *Not a Rent Payment*, and these will be for Centrelink Fees and Advises. Ensure the Centrelink Reference name matches the Chintaro Tenancy.

Rent Component: The amount of money that has been allocated to Rent.

Other Amount 1-5: If you have set up splits for your Tenants, the amounts for each split will appear in these columns.

Gen Credit: The Generate Credit box indicates if the payment will be allocated to the Tenancy in Step 5. The boxes that are not ticked indicate that Chintaro does not have enough information to create the transactions (EG Blank Tenancy field), or because the line is marked as *Not a Rent Payment* (EG Centrelink Fees).

Centrelink Fees are always included in the Centrepay File and are not included as part of the Tenants payment, so Chintaro ignores these payments.

At this point, you need to check the allocations and correct any problems there are with the Centrepay import. The Centrelink Reference Number in the Centrepay description will always be correct, and if a payment is not matched in this screen, it means you have the incorrect CRN entered in to Chintaro for your Tenant. You will need to copy the CRN and paste it in to the Income Details section of the Client Record.

If the Tenancy column has no name allocated, drop the Tenancy list down to allocate the correct Tenant.  If there is a date in the EndDate column, it is a vacated tenancy. To only display the latest tenancy for each client, tick the box Current Tenants Only? in the blue ribbon:

4.  Select the correct Tenancies and mark all records that will generate a Payment: Ensure all Rent Payments have the box ticked. Only Payments with the Generate Credit box ticked will be applied to the Tenancy.

5.  Generate Payments and Transfer to Bank Account: When the payments have been allocated to the correct Tenancies, click  

Chintaro will advise you the number of Rent Payments, Other Credits, Bond and Property Fee Transactions Generated to the Tenancy Records, and that all transactions have been transferred to the Bank Account.

 The payments will now show on the Tenancy Transactions ledger as individual payments: