Use this solution if you have attempted to imported a bank file or Centrepay file in to Chintaro, but you cannot due to the 'Data type conversion error' message (below):

The Bank File/ Centrepay file has been opened before it was imported

When you import a Bank File / Centrepay file in to Chintaro, it reads it in to a Bank Format ID that has been written specifically for that type of file.

There are many different types of Bank Formats that Chintaro can read your files in to, and there can be several for each Bank (for example, we currently have 10 different Bank Format ID's for the NAB Bank alone!)

If you open a Bank File or a Centrepay file before importing it in Chintaro, the columns in the file change and Chintaro cannot read the format it has changed to. 

To fix this, you will need to download the Bank File / Centrepay file again and don't open it. Re-import the file again and the transactions will appear. 

The Bank File/Centrepay File was saved with full stops in the name

At times, users may save a Bank or Centrepay file with multiple full-stops in the file name (EG Centrepay 2018.05.28.csv)

There should only ever be one full-stop in any file that you import into Chintaro, and that's the full-stop at the end of the file (EG Centrepay_20180528.csv)

If you have saved a file with multiple full-stops, it will not be able to be imported into Chintaro. Rename the file to remove all of the full-stops (except the one at the end of the file name) without opening the file (right click the file name and select 'Rename'):

 Re-import the file again and the transactions will appear. You can now continue with processing the payments.

The incorrect bank account was selected when importing the file

When you open the Multi Bank Processing (either 1 or 2 line) screens, there will be a default Bank Account selected (in the below example, the Centrepay account is the default):

If we were trying to import a bank statement into the default Centrepay account, we would get the error message as the Bank Format ID is different between Centrepay and a bank.

Select the appropriate Bank Format ID from the drop down list and import the file.

At least 1 transaction in the file was 'Unavailable'

If you have tried all of the options above, you may need to open the file to check to see that all of the transactions are available. At times, some banks will provide you with a file that contains transactions that are 'Unavailable'. Please speak to your bank about these transactions, but as a workaround, you can download the bank file again excluding the dates of the 'Unavailable' transactions, and re-import the file into Chintaro.


If none of the steps above resolved your issue

Please contact and explain the steps you have taken to resolve the issue, along with your Bank's name and an attachment of the bank file you are trying to import.