Each time a payment is received from Centrepay, $0.99 of the deducted amount is kept by Centrepay.  If the Tenant organises a deduction of $200 per fortnight, Centrepay will keep $0.99 of it meaning that your organisation will receive.$199.01.  Chintaro will show that the Tenant paid $200 but the $200 amount will never be received into your actual Bank account. 

Instead, Centrepay groups payments of different types into larger amounts - less the $0.99 fee for each one.  This makes it hard to reconcile the total rent you received from Centrepay for each day with the amount you actually received into your bank account because if you try to reconcile the amounts you received in your bank account with the rent payments from Centrepay, you will be $0.99 out for each payment received.

If you are entering your Centrepay file manually rather than importing it, you will also need to enter the Fee amounts included as separate lines on the Centrepay deduction report for the day. Using the Bank Manual Entry screen, you should enter each payment separately and allocate it to the tenant (e.g $200 to Joe Smith) and then enter the Centrepay Fees (either as a bulk payment or individaully), but allocate this as *Not A Rent Payment*

Go to the Finance> Bank Functions> Manual Bank Processing screen, or the Finance> Bank Functions> Manual Bank Processing (2 Line) screen if your Tenant's have payment splits. 

You must select the Bank Account as Centrepay, then enter the date of the transactions, the amount, a description, and select the Tenancy. 

After you have entered the payments, enter the Centrepay Fees in the next line below (EG 3 Centrepay Payments equals 3 x $0.99 = $2.97). Allocate the Centrepay Fees as *Not A Rent Payment*:

Once you have entered all payments, click 'Generate Payments and Transfer to Bank Account. A message will appear to state '(NUMBER OF) Rent Payments, (NUMBER OF) Other Credits, (NUMBER OF) Bond and (NUMBER OF) Property Fee transactions Generated. All Transactions have been copied to the Bank Account.' 

Go back to Finance> View Bank Account, and select Centrepay as the Bank Account. You will see the Centrepay Fees from that date showing as Not A Rent Payment:

You are able to filter the Bank Account screen and Export the data from that date (if you have updated your version to 6.1.09). Total the amount of payments, then minus Centrepay Fees and you will get the total amount that was received in your Bank Account.