The Bulletin Board is like a staff notice board on the Home Screen, and all Chintaro users will see the same board when they log in. It can be completely customised by your organisation, used to relay important messages to staff, can include hyperlinks to useful websites, and can include hyperlinks to places on your network. The Bulletin Board is no longer limited to 255 characters, and can include much more information than before. 

To update the Bulletin Board, from the Home Screen, click System Maintenance, then click Bulletin Update. The Bulletin Update pop up box will appear. When you are first starting with Chintaro, the Bulletin Board will appear as follows:

Editing the text and background colour in the Bulletin Update box 

The large text box in the pop up is exactly what appears on your Home Screen. You are able to add new text by clicking in the text box and typing your message that your team will see. 

You have Rich Text Format (RTF) editing capabilities in the Bulletin Board. If you wish to make some of the text in the Bulletin Update a different colour, highlight the text you want to edit, and hover your cursor over the highlighted text. The Word editing pop up box will appear over your text:

Select the make the text bold, underlined, highlighted, or any other effect.

Alternatively, if you wish to change the entire text to one colour, clicking the Change Text Colour will open up a pop up, where you can select the text colour to change it to:


You can also click the Change Font box to open the Font details, and customise the font, style size, effects and so on:

You can also change the background colour, to make your Bulletin Update stand out. Click Change Background Colour, and select the background colour you wish to use from the Colour pop up. Click Ok to update.

Click Update to save your changes. 

Adding website hyperlinks to the Bulletin Board

If you would like to add a hyperlink to a website in the bulletin board, begin to type the website as www. or https://

As you continue to type, you will see the text begins to form a hyperlink:

You are able to test this link by clicking on the hyperlink. Click Update to save your changes. 

To access a hyperlinked website in the Bulletin Board, you will need to single click in the Bulletin Board, then click the hyperlink you wish to select. 

Adding hyperlinks to folders on your network

You are also able to add hyperlinks to folders in your network structure in the Bulletin Board.

To add a link to a folder on your network, type file:/// then the file path. After you type file:/// you will see a hyperlink appear. 

For example, to link to the ServerName/Chintaro/Data/Templates folder, type file:///C:/Chintaro/Data/Templates (Note: Server Name is most likely not the C:/ Drive): 

Click Update to save your changes.  

To access a hyperlinked folder in the Bulletin Board, you will need to single click in the Bulletin Board, then click the hyperlink you wish to select.

The hyperlinked folder in the file path you entered will open:

For further assistance with updating the Bulletin Board, please contact

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