The Maintenance Tab in Security is where you allow User’s permission to maintain certain Reference Tables. The default is that each User Role will be able to manage every Reference Table, and you can use the Maintenance tab to control access to Reference Tables. 

To specify which Reference Tables users can access, from the Security screen, click the Maintenance tab:

The columns that are numbered 1-9 in the Maintenance screen correspond with the User Roles in the User Maintenance Tab. Level 1 is 1, Level 2 is 2, Level 3 is 3, etc. up to Level 9 - System Administrator:

The Maintenance Options column is a list of the Reference Tables in Chintaro. To restrict access to managing the Reference Table (making a reference table Active or Inactive, adding a new Reference Table, editing a current Reference Table), untick the corresponding box of the User Role that is not allowed access to the Reference Table: