The HPF Budget Tool will only work if you have the latest budget tool template installed.

Attached to this Solution is the HPF Budget Tool Reporting Template.
Open the HPF Budget Tool template (attached to this Solution), and save the spreadsheet Budget2015.xlsx to your Chintaro/Data/Templates folder (EG C:\CHINTARO\Data\Templates\Budget2015.xlsx)

 Setting up the template

In Chintaro, from the Home Page, click System Maintenance> Preferences> Reporting.

In the BudgetToolTemplate field, select the Budget2015.xlsx template you attached in your Chintaro\Data\Templates folder: 


You have now successfully updated the HPF Budget Tool.

Running the HPF Budget Tool Export

To run the HPF Budget Tool, from the Vic Reports Sub-Menu, click HPF Budget Tool


The Housing Provider Framework Budget Tool screen will open

Select an Output Folder that the file will be saved to by clicking the ellipsis button


Select an Output File Name

Select the Program(s) that you want to report on from the Report Program Filter box


If you do not select any Programs in the Report Program Filter box, Chintaro will assume you want to report on all Programs listed.




The HPF Budget Tool Report will appear in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, where you will see the information from Chintaro auto-populating each line in the report. 


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