Finance - Reversing/Deleting Batch of Charges

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The most common reason for needing to delete a batch of charges is if the rent charges were charged too far into the future. Deleting a batch will reverse the charges and remove each of the individual transactions that were processed on to the Tenancy Transaction ledgers.

This solution details:

Finding the Batch Number to delete

First, you will need to find the batch number that you want to delete. All transactions that are charged in a batch will contain a batch number that the transactions were part of.  

From the Home screen, click Finance, then Tenancy Transaction Functions and Manage Tenancy Transactions. This screen shows all transactions created within the system (charges and payments, from batches or created individually on tenancies). To find the batch number of the transactions, you may need to unhide the column Batch. To do this, right click on any column heading and go down to Unhide Fields:

Tick the BatchRent and click OK (Batch box is for batches of payments). 

Use any of the columns to filter this screen to find the transaction(s) you wish to delete. Examples that will help you find the transactions to remove are the Transaction Date, Surname, Transaction Type columns.

When you have found the duplicate transactions, make note of the batch number you want to delete:

Deleting the Batch

To delete the batch of rent charges, from Home Screen, click Finance, then Rent Functions and Rent Batch Maintenance. All batch charges will appear in this screen with the most recent rent generated will be at the top of the list.

To delete a batch of rent charges, click anywhere along the row you want to delete so it is highlighted: 

Click Delete Batch:

A warning message will appear advising you that this process will delete the charges (both Rent and Non-Rent) from the Tenancy Ledgers. Click Yes to delete the batch and the charges in that batch will no longer be visible on the individual Tenancy Transaction ledgers.

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