SA Rent Calculator (For Organisations who are not using Chintaro to manage Tenancies and Rent)

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If you are a South Australian Chintaro user and you would like to use the Rent Calculator, there are a number of settings that may need to be changed before you are able to start using the Rent Calculator function.


Update System Parameters

From the Home Screen, click System Maintenance, Reference Tables and select Parameters from the list. Scroll down until you find the fields for SACappingAmount and SACPIAmount.


Ensure that SACappingAmount is 10 and the SACPIAmount is 0 in the Parm Number fields. 

Scroll down again and ensure the State parameter is set to SA in the Parm Text field.

Update Organisation Details

From the Home Screen, click System Maintenance, and Organisation Details:

OptionWhat to do
Organisation Name, CHO ID, AddressEnter as appropriate
Non Member Tenant LevyTick if appropriate
GST RegisteredTick if appropriate
ASL1 - ASL6There are 6 additional service levies available to use in the rent record of the tenancy. Tick any ASL boxes which are not to be included in the CRA optimisation (I.E not to be treated as rent). 

Next, go back to Home > System Maintenance > Preferences > Finance and set any ASL's you ticked not to be included in the CRA calculation to No

The corresponding ASL's are detailed below:

Management Fee = ASL1

Non Rent Charge = ASL2

Utility Fee = ASL3

Additional Charge 1 = ASL4

Additional Charge 2 = ASL5

Additional Charge 3 = ASL6

Update Client screens

For each Primary Tenant, go in to their Client Record and click the SA Data button:

Enter the SHR Person Reference and select the SHR Category from the drop down list. 

Tick the boxes for if the client is a Co-Op Member or Guardian Of Minister

Next, click the Confirmations/Reporting button

You must tick the Proof of Income Obtained box for each Tenant in the household. If any household members do not have this ticked, the household will be charged market rent.

Check Incomes
Next you must ensure that each Client’s incomes are up to date, and you have entered the appropriate assessable amount rate percentage. For the Primary Tenant, select the appropriate CRA household composition from the CRA dropdown: 

Click here to learn more about adding and editing incomes manually.

Check the Rent Record of the Room

From the Tenancy screen, click the Edit Rent button, and ensure there is a Market Rent entered for the period that will be calculated. You may have to scroll across to the right hand side of the screen to see the Market Rent field. Add or edit any ASL's in the other columns in the rent record for the period that will be calculated. This will ensure they are captured in the calculation:


Open the Rent Calculator

Select the Rent Calculator button from either the Client or Tenancy screen:

Ensure all members of the household are included and each of them has Proof Of Income as Yes (see section Update Client Screens above if 'No'):

Ensure that the CRA level, As At Date and Market Rent is correct. 

Check that Proof of Income is ticked also:

Create a Temporary Calculation 

If you click the Calculate button (without ticking the Finalise Calculation button) you will see a temporary calculation appear:

A new line has been added to the Rent Review section which has the Temp field ticked.  This is intended to give you a chance to review the calculation and ensure all is ok before finalising the calculation.
There is a step by step record of how the rent has been calculated in the description window which you can scroll through. 
You can also click the Print button to produce a printout of the calculations.

If you are not clear on how the Rent Calculator arrives at its calculations, you can check with CP&G for clarification. 
NOTE: Capping will apply only for Tenancies that began before 20 Oct 2012.

Finalising the Rent Calculation

Once you are happy that the calculation is correct, tick the Finalise Calculation checkbox and click the Calculate button again. 

The review record in the middle of the screen will now be finalised and the tick under Temp will now disappear.

You will then be prompted to update the Rent record (Edit Rent screen on tenancy). Click Yes to update the Rent Record:

The Rent Record will now be updated by closing the old rent record at the day before the rent review, start a new line with the new rent's start date, amount, ASL's and Market Rent.

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