The Rent Calculator shows Rent details and income details in a format which allows the adjustment of threshold rent and rental assistance, together with whether the various Incomes are to be applied in Rent calculation. The Rent Calculator will differ for each state, depending on the state parameters you have set.

Use this Solution for if you are in any Australian state other than South Australia.

Opening the Rent Calculator
To open the Rent Calculator, from either the Tenancy screen or the Client Screen, click the  button and the Rent Calculator screen will open:

Rent Calculator overview

Income Section

The large section at the bottom of the screen contains all of the incomes for the entire household (where there is more than one person earning an income in the Tenancy agreement).

Both assessable and non-assessable incomes will appear in this section. Each income has its own line, and comes from the Client screen. The columns are as follows:

Name: The name of the Client who the income belongs to
Relationship: Either 'Primary' (if they are the Primary Tenant) or another relationship type (EG Wife, Cousin, Friend, etc).

Income Type: The type of income the Client has, and can be either standard Centrelink incomes (EG Newstart Allowance, Aged Pension Single, etc) or Wages/Salary etc. 

Component: The 'Comments' field from the income
Start Date: The Start Date of the income which will appear on their Centrelink Income Statement or their payslips

Amount: The total amount of the weekly income
Rate: The Rate in which the income will be assessed at for the rent calculator (usually 25% in Community Housing)
Assessable: The amount divided by the rate provides the amount of income that is assessable for rent (Amount / Rate = Assessable)
Include: Whether the income is assessable in the rent calculation or not. All Incomes that have the Include box ticked will be included in rent calculation.

Rent Assistance Section

The Rent Assistance Table on the Rent Calculator shows the maximum rent assistance a household will receive, as per their household composition. This is taken from the CRA field (Commonwealth Rent Assistance) on the Client screen:

NOTE: You can select the Rent Assistance from the Rent Assistance table or the Client screen. Selecting on either will default to the other. 

Rent Caculation Section

The Rent Calculations section shows:

% Weekly Income: The total of all assessable income for the household (the same figure that appears at the bottom of the income section:

Threshold Rent: The threshold amount set by Centrelink, which is drawn from the Rent Assistance section of the calculator.

Rent Assistance: The total amount of Rent Assistance the household is entitled to, which is calculated from the Rent Assistance section of the calculator:

Market Rent: The Market Rent of the Room that the Tenant resides, taken from the Rent Record of the Tenancy:

Maximum % of Market Rent: Used in rent calculations, where a percentage of Market Rent is required (EG 74.99% of Market Rent)

Rent Payable: The final figure of the Rent Calculation provides you wit the amount of rent payable for the household each week. This figure is a total of the % Weekly Income + the Rent Assistance figures.

Applying the Rent Calculation in a Rent Review
When you are happy with the figures and you are ready to apply the Rent Review, click 'Copy to New Rent'. This will populate the Rent Review screen with the Rent Payable figure, and will require you to apply this rent at a specified effective date. Click this link to see how to apply a Tenancy Rent Review as at an effective date.

Printing the Rent Calculation
Clicking on the Print button will print this Screen directly to your default printer.    

What to do if you are unsure about the amounts in the Rent Assistance Table

The calculation regarding the amount of the Rent Assistance a Tenancy will receive has been provided to Chintaro by Centrelink. If you believe this figure is wrong, please contact your Centrelink representative.