The Rent Calculator shows Rent details and income details in a format which allows the adjustment of threshold rent and rental assistance, together with whether the various Incomes are to be applied in Rent calculation. 

To open the Rent Calculator, from the Tenancy record, click the  button.

 The Rent Calculator screen will open: 

Rent Section:

  • % Weekly Income: The total of all Income amounts, divided by the selected percentage rate selected

  • Threshold Rent: The Threshold amount set by Centrelink

  • Rent Assistance: The Rent Assistance amount the household is entitled to

  • Rent Payable: The % Weekly Income + the Rent Assistance amounts

  • Market Rent: Set for the Tenant’s Room

All Incomes that have the Include box ticked will be included in rent calculation. 
This will be different for each state, depending on the state parameters you have set. Clicking on the Print button will print this Screen directly to your default printer.