To send bulk SMS’s to Clients on the Waiting List, click the Wait List option from the Main Menu, then click Wait List SMS. This will open the SMS Waiting List screen.

First, type the message you want to send your Waiting List Clients in the Message field.

Select and add a Note Title to add a note to each Client record that you sent an SMS.

This screen works in the same way as the other bulk functions in Chintaro, where you can sort and filter the screen to the Clients you want to SMS.

Once you have a filtered list, or want to contact all Clients, click the  button. Alternatively, individually select the Clients you want to contact by ticking the Include box. Click the  box to untick all Client in the Include box. 

Click the  button to send the SMS’s to your Clients.

Chintaro will advise you that the SMS’s have successfully/ unsuccessfully sent.

Client Notes will be created for all Clients you sent the SMS to, if you had the Create Client Note box ticked.