Chintaro's Word Merge function enables you to create both individual and bulk letters and documents from various screens. Word Merges are documents that are created from within Chintaro. They are based on a Microsoft Word Template that links to a text file with fields from Chintaro. 

This solution covers:

Creating an individual word merge letter for a Client on the Waiting List

To create an individual word merge for a client on the Waiting List, click Word Merge on the Waiting List screen and the Word Merge pop up appears:

Select the template you would like to use from the list of available templates on the left hand side, and select the Print Letter tick box if you want to send the document straight to the printer.

Untick Create Client Note if you do not need to record that the document was created for the Client.

If you are using Word Merge Plus, select the File type as PDF, Word Document or Open for Editing. If you are not using Word Merge Plus, Chintaro will create a word document open for editing for you. Click here for more information on Word Merge Plus.  

Click Word Merge and the document will be created. 

Creating Letters in bulk for Waiting List Clients

To create bulk letters, from the Home Screen, click Waiting List, then click Waiting List Letters. Chintaro will advise you that this form may take some time to load. Click Yes to continue and the Client Letters Screen will open:

You can sort or filter this screen to minimise the number of Clients you see in this list. Click here to see the Solution for Using Search Screens.

After you have filtered the screen to a smaller set of data and you see the Clients you would like to create the letters for (or if you would like to create a letter to ALL Clients), select the Word Template from the drop down box at the top of the screen:

Then, ensure that the Create Client Note box is ticked if you would like a Note recorded on each individual Client record with the details of the letter.  Once you have a filtered list, or if you want to contact all Clients, click the Select All button. 

Alternatively, individually select the Clients you want to contact by ticking each individual Include box in the Include column. 

When you are ready to create the Word Merge, click the Word Merge button. Microsoft Word will open with the individually populated Word Templates with the Client’s information entered from Chintaro.

Press Print to print the documents or edit them as required before printing.

If you selected to have Client Notes created, Chintaro will advise that the notes were successfully created for each Client: