The only way to add a Client to the Waiting List is through the Client Record. You can only add a Client you have selected as a Primary Tenant to the Waiting List. You can add Clients who are not yet tenanted, or Clients who are currently tenanted and are awaiting transfer to the Waiting List. 

Search for the Client you would like to add to the Waiting List (Home Screen> Clients> Manage Clients> double click on the row of the Client to open their Client Screen:

Once you have found, or added (click the following Solution to see how to Add a New Client) , the Client who will be added to the Waiting List, in the Client Record, click the  button at the top of the screen. 

A pop up box will open advising you are about to create a Waiting List Entry. Click Yes to continue.

Clicking Yes will open an empty Waiting List record: 
Enter the following information as required:

Wait List Type 1 - Wait List Type 4: The Wait List Type fields are drop down lists that allow you to define 4 different values to assist in the sorting, grouping and filtering of the Waiting List. Often Organisations will have some factors of importance that enable you to work out which Client is suitable for which Property you have available. These values may be for Housing Type (EG House, Unit, Flat, etc.), Regions (EG Inner East, Northern, South Eastern, etc.), Housing Configuration (EG 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, etc.). 

The 4 Wait List Type fields may also be used to incorporate special needs of Clients (EG Carer Required, Ground Floor Only, Wheelchair Access, etc.) These fields are to be used as your Organisation sees fit, and are customised through System Maintenance> Reference Tables> Wait List Type 1-4.

Is a drop down list used to specify which Program the Client will be housed under. If your Organisation does not have different Program streams, leave this field blank.

House Hold Type: 
Is a drop down list used to define the Household of the Client. Select the appropriate option from the list.

Current Housing Type: 
Is a field used to indicate the current housing situation for the Client. Select the current housing type from the drop down list.

Referral: Is a field that will be populated from the Client Record if a referral was entered. If you want to add the referrer details in the Waiting List record, select the referrer from the drop down list and the Client Record will be updated also.

Housing Outcome: Is used after the Client is tenanted, or taken off the Waiting List.

Current Rent: Is used to record the dollar figure of what a Client is currently paying in rent per week. This is not used for financial calculations in Chintaro, but can be used when determining if a Client can afford the weekly rent in a Property/Room that becomes available.

Application Date: Defaults to today’s date, but can be changed to the Registration Date on the Client Record.

Date of Last Contact:
Defaults to today’s date, but can be changed to the most recent date you were in contact with the Client. If you edit the Waiting List entry or add a Note in the Client Record, Chintaro will ask if you want to update the Date of Last Contact.

Preference 1, 2 & 3:
Are used to select what the Client’s preferences for housing are. These preferences may be number of bedrooms in a Property, and can be customised to suit your Organisation through System Maintenance> Reference Tables> Waiting List Preferences.

Number in Household: 
Enter the number of people in the Client’s household.

Awaiting Transfer: Is a tick box that allows you to differentiate between those Clients who are current Tenants and are awaiting transfer to another Room, and those Clients who are not currently tenanted by your Organisation. Ticking the Awaiting Transfer box indicates that the Client is currently tenanted with your Organisation, and is awaiting a transfer of Rooms.

Residency Points: 
Is used if your Organisation has a priority system for giving preference to housing local residents.

Public Housing Reg’d 
& Department Eligible: Are used if the Client is registered with Public Housing, and if they are Department Eligible. Enter details if applicable.

Public Waiting List Num: 
Enter the Client’s Public Housing Waiting List number, is applicable.

Contact Phones: 
Will default from the Client record, if the field is entered. These fields can be entered on the Waiting List record also, which will also default for the Client screen.

Email: Will default from the Client record, if entered.

Is used to record any comments specific to the Waiting List entry.

Client Comments: 
Will default from the Client Record, if entered.

Click the Exit button to save. 

The Client Screen will now show that the Client as been Wait Listed: