The Clone Inventory Items screen is used to copy Inventory Item(s) from one property to another. This screen clones the Inventory Item exactly, and saves a lot of time when setting up asset lists of properties.

Creating an Inventory Item to clone
Before you clone an item to other properties, you first need to ensure that there is an item in Chintaro to clone. Open the property screen that the item is in, or that you'd like to add to a property. Click the Inventory button:

If the Item exists, move to the next section. If the Item you want to clone does not exist, click the Add Inventory Item button.

A blank Inventory Item screen will open. Enter only the information that is generic about the item and  do not put in specific information (EG Serial Number) about the item - this will be added later once the item has been cloned. 

Click Exit when complete. 

Opening the Clone Inventory Items screen
To view the Clone Inventory Items screen, click Clone Inventory Items from the Properties Sub-Menu. The Clone Inventory Items screen will appear:

First, select the property that contains the Inventory Item you will be cloning from in the drop down list.

Once selected, a list of Inventory Items for the selected property will appear in the box below, showing the Item Name and its location within the Property. Select the Item or Items you want to copy by clicking on them. 

NOTE: This is a multi select box where you can select more than 1 item, and selected Items will appear black:

If you have accidentally selected the wrong item, click it again to remove the highlighting. You can also choose to  or

Cloning an Inventory Item to One Property
Once you have selected the Inventory Item you want to clone, you have the option to select a  if you want to clone the item to one particular property. When selecting a Destination property, the Inventory Items that are currently in that Property will show in the box below: 

When you have selected an Inventory Item to clone, and a Destination property, click  

The Cloned Item(s) will now appear in the Destination Property List:

Cloning an Inventory Item to more than one Property

Once you have selected the Inventory Item(s) within the Property you want to clone, you have the option to select multiple Properties to clone to Item(s) to by using the box at the bottom right of the screen:
Select the property/properties the Item(s) will be cloned to by clicking on them (selected Properties will show highlighted black), and you can choose to  Properties or .
When you have selected the Item(s) to clone from the Source Property on the left hand side and the property/properties that they will be cloned to, click  

You will get a message to advise you the Inventory Item was successfully clones to the number of Properties you selected

Adding the information individual to each item

If you have cloned an Inventory Item to multiple other Properties, you may need to now go in to each property and add the information specific to that item, EG Serial Number, Replacement Date, Replacement Cost, etc. All fields can be found in the Property > Inventory screen: