Strata Companies, or Body Corporate Management, can be added to Chintaro as a record of the managing your jointly owned or unit/apartment style properties. 

This solution covers:

Viewing an existing Strata Company on the Property screen

To view the Strata Company on a property screen, from the Home Screen, click Properties, then Manage Properties and double click the Property you want to open.

Click Additional Details:

The Strata Company field will show in the Additional Details section:

Adding a new Strata Company to the system

To add a new Strata Company, from the Home screen, click Properties, then click Strata Companies. When the Manage Strata Companies screen opens, click Add Strata Co:

Enter all relevant information:
Strata Company
Postal Address 
Contact 1 Name
Contact 1 Phone, Fax
Contact 1 Email
Contact 2 Name
Contact 2 Phone, Fax
Bank Name
BSB / Account Number
Account Name

Click Exit to save the record.

Clicking Show All will display the recently added Strata Company in the list and you will now be able to select the Strata Company in the Property record.