Chintaro enables you to keep a record of keys in your Properties in a Key Register.

To open the Key Register, from the Home Screen, click Properties, then Manage Properties and double click the Property you want to add the key to. Click the Keys button at the top of the screen.

To add a new key, click the  button. 

Property Name: The Property Name will default to the Property Record you are in.

Location: Select the location of the key from the drop down list (EG Back Door)

Tag: Enter your Organisation’s ID on the tag of the key.

Code: The code of the key can be entered if it is a security key and has a particular code for replacement.

Letterbox/ Kitchen Cupboard/ Window: Enter information, where relevant.

Comments: Add any additional comments about the key.

: Tick this box to indicate if a replacement key has been ordered. 

Click  to save the key you have entered to the register. 

Manage Keys Screen

You can see all Keys for all properties by going to the Property Maintenance sub menu and then clicking on Manage Keys: