The Client record has a number of blue buttons on the top of the screen that enable you to enter additional information and perform other functions.

Barring: Is used to bar a Client from being tenanted for a period of time, or indefinitely. 

To bar a Client, click the Barring function. 

Enter a Start Date, End Date, Reason, & any Comments related to the barring. If you want to bar a Client indefinitely, enter an end date far in to the future (EG 01/01/2060).

Click the  button to save.
When a Chintaro user opens a barred Client’s record, a pop-up warning will appear to advise you that the Client is currently barred. 

The Client record will display the barring status in red when a Client is Currently Barred. A Client cannot be tenanted when they are currently barred in Chintaro. 

To remove a barring, click the Barring button and change the End Date to a date in the past. Click the  button to save and update. 
If a Client has been previously barred, Chintaro will warn you each time you enter the Client record. 


 Housing History: Is used to enter more detailed data regarding the Client’s housing history. Select the relevant fields to your organisation, otherwise leave these fields blank.

Residency Links: Is used to record how long a client has lived in a Local Government Area (LGA). 

Make Booking: Is used to book rooms for Out Care Organisations.

Next of Kin: Is used to enter 2 instances of Next of Kin details for Clients.  

Confirmed:  Is used to record confirmations that have been made by the Client, such as confirmations that you have obtained consent or have got signatures for. 

The ‘Centrelink Income Authority’ is important if you are using the Centrelink Confirmation e-Service for downloading of incomes. You will need to tick this box for each of the Clients that you would like to download the income for.

Income Details: Displays the default screen view.

Waiting List: Is used to create a Waiting List entry.

Create/View Tenancy: Is used to create/view a Tenancy.