Please note: If you are a New Zealand user of Chintaro, click here to view the Solution for: Client Screen - Income Section - NZ 


The Income Section of the Client Screen

The Income Section of the Client screen is used to record the specific income information of the individual Client and is used to track their income(s) that forms the basis of calculating the rent payable per household, contains the necessary permissions for the Centrelink Confirmation e-Services, and is used in Statutory Reporting. It is also used to record the Client’s CRN (Centrelink Reference Number) and the CRA (Commonwealth Rent Assistance) that they are eligible for:

There are 4 tick boxes in the Income section that are linked to Centrepay confirmations:  

  1. Proof of Income? Tick this box if you have received Proof of your Client’s Income.
  2. Centrelink Income Authority?  Tick this box if your Client has given permission for your Organisation to obtain a record of their past and current financial status (including type, amount and dates of payments, number of dependent children, details of other incomes, etc.)
  3. Centrepay Deduction? Tick this box if your Client has given permission for their rent (& other charges) to be deducted from their Centrelink Payment.
  4. CRA Changes? (EVoR): Tick this box if your Organisation has obtained consent from your Client to verify and update their rent amount each time there is a change in rent.

Centrelink Confirmation eService’s (CCeS) information can be found at the Centrelink website,, or by clicking here to view the Solution for Using the Centrelink Confirmation eServices with Chintaro.

The Income Details section will display all of the Incomes that have been entered for the Client.

You can use the Centrelink Confirmation eService with Chintaro to update all of your Clients’ Centrelink incomes automatically. If you are calculating income based rents you will want to ensure that these income details are correct beforehand. Chintaro and Confirmation eServices make it easy. Click this link to find out more about the Centrelink Confirmation eService with Chintaro

Adding a Client's income manually 

To add a new income, click the  button. An empty income details pop up will open:

Income Type: Select the appropriate Income Type from the drop down list. All Centrelink Incomes are recorded in the Income Type drop down list. For non-Centrelink Incomes, select 'Other' or 'Wages/Salary/Own Business'.  

Fixed Amount: For Centrelink Incomes, the Fixed Amount will display the weekly amount the Client receives for the selected Income Type. Centrelink Rates are updated every March and September, and the latest Centrelink Rates can be downloaded by clicking here. 

Variable Amount: If you select a non-Centrelink income, enter the Variable weekly amount of Income the Client receives (for variable incomes, you may want to add some comments about the income in the Comments section also).

Rate: Is the percentage of the Income Type that will be used to assess rent. Often this is 25% in Community Housing, but this rate will depend on the Income Type, your Organisation and your Client.

Start Date: Enter the Start Date of the Income.

End Date: Enter the End Date of the Income, if the income will cease. If the income is ongoing, leave the End Date blank.

Comments: Enter any comments related to the income. This will be more common for a non-Centrelink or Variable incomes.

Include as Income?: The Include as Income box is ticked if you will be including the income when calculating rent.

Active Income?: The Active box is ticked if you want to include the income in the Income Details section. Untick this box if you would like to remove the income from the Income Details record.

When you have finished entering the Income Details, click the Update button to save the record.

Viewing the details of an Income 

To view the details of an existing Income record, double click on the row of the Income you want to view which will open the Income Details pop up.