From the Centrelink Website:

Centrelink Confirmation eServices is free for organisations that provide rebates, concessions or services to our and Department of Veterans’ Affairs customers.

You can save time and money by getting customer information directly from us or from the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

To use this service you must:

· have a contract in place with us

· have a customer's consent before you can check their details with us, and

· be registered to use this service

Use this service to:

· reduce administrative costs

· improve the integrity of the information you use

· provide better customer service through an immediate response and a secure system

Using the Centrelink Confirmation eServices with Chintaro

You can use this service to update all of your Clients’ Centrelink incomes automatically. If you are calculating income based rents you will want to ensure that these income details are correct beforehand, and the Centrelink Confirmation eServices and Chintaro make this easy. 

Once you have entered the appropriate information against your Clients in Chintaro, you can produce a “request” export file which is uploaded to Centrelink, and then Centrelink sends back a “response” file which contains all of the incomes. This file is then imported into Chintaro and the incomes are automatically updated.

You can run this process as often as you like – each time, the old incomes ore overwritten with the new incomes.

Steps required to use the Centrelink Confirmation eService

Before you can use the service you will have to do the following:

1.  Register for the Service with Centrelink

2.  Make sure you have Batch Enquiry access to the service (not just Single Enquiry access)

3.  Ensure that all the Clients you wish to obtain income information for have the appropriate information complete on their client record

4. You will need to know your login to the Centrelink Business Online Services website (CCeS User ID), your Organisation’s CRN, and your Organisation’s CCeS Agency ID (a three letter Alphabetic code).

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