If you have run a Word Merge for a Tenancy with more than 1 person on the Tenancy Agreement (Joint Tenancy) and the Word Merge only shows the Primary Tenant (and not the Related Tenant) ensure your system is set up correctly, and the Word Merge is set up correctly also. 

1. First, ensure the system is set up correctly. Go to System Maintenance> Reference Table> Relationship. Ensure all Relationships that are part of a Joint Tenancy have the Joint Tenant box ticked (EG Defacto, Husband, Partner, Wife, etc):

2. Go to the Related Client's Client Record. Ensure the Primary Tenant is selected as the correct person, and the 'Relationship to Tenant' box is entered with a relationship that signifies a Joint Tenancy (EG Defacto, Husband, Partner, Wife, etc):

3. Go to your Chintaro\Data\Templates folder. Find a Tenancy Word Merge Template (Templates will show as .dot or .dotx files, or if you do not have file extensions turned on, they will appear as a Template in the 'Type' column:

4. Right click and open the template (NOTE: Do not double click to open, or the template will open as a Word Document)

5. Click Yes to the following message, and re-link the data file (EG WordMergeTenancy.txt) if required:

6. Add the Joint Known As fields through the Mailings tab> Insert Merge Field (EG JointTitle, JointKnownAsName, JointSurname):

7. Save the template, then close out of it completely. 

7. When you run a Word Merge in Chintaro, both names will appear on the Word Merge:

If you would like to add an If-Then-Else rule to add 'And' between the <<KnownAsName>> and the <<JointKnownAsName>> fields, go to the Microsoft Office Support Website.

If the Tenant is a single person, the same Word Merge would appear as follows: