A common question that is sent to Chintaro Support, is "I have been asked to provide the number of Tenancies in a period- where can I find this?"

There is an export available that will calculate the number of Tenancies that were active in a period of time that you are able to define. The 'YCH OPI Active Tenancies During a Period' export will include all Tenancies Active at the Period Start Date, and all Tenancies that were created after the Period Start Date, and before the Period End Date.

Go to Reports and Exports> Exports> Tenancies> YCH-B OPI Active Tenancies During a Period:


You are able to define the Period Start and Period End Date at the bottom of the screen, to filter to the time period you wish to report on.   

Click 'Open In Excel Now' to open the document immediately, or enter a File Name, Location and click 'Export To File'.