The Barring Function is used to bar a Client from being tenanted for a period of time, or indefinitely. The Barring function is found in the Client Record. 

1. To bar a Client click the Barring function.

Enter a Start Date, End Date, Reason, & any Comments related to the barring. If you want to bar a Client indefinitely, enter an end date far in to the future (EG 01/01/2060).

3. Exit the Record to save. When a Chintaro user opens a barred Client’s record, a pop-up warning will appear to advise you that the Client is currently barred.

4. The Client record will display the barring status in red when a Client is Currently Barred. A Client cannot be tenanted when they are currently barred in Chintaro.

5. To remove a barring, click the Barring button and change the End Date to a date in the past. Exit the record to save.

If a Client has been previously barred, Chintaro will warn you each time you enter the Client record.