You are able to swap a Primary Tenant with a Related Tenant in Chintaro.

1.  Go to the Primary Tenant's Tenancy Record.

2.  Ensure the Related Tenant that you want to swap to be the Primary Tenant is displayed in the household section of the Tenancy Record.

If the person you want to make the Primary Tenant is not entered in this section, go to their Client Record and click Primary Tenant> No, to link the 2 people together and create a household.

3.  Double click on the Primary Tenants Name (in bold EG VEDDER, Edward)

4.  A warning message will appear, stating that this will allow you to change the Primary Tenant for this Tenancy. Click Yes.

5.  Select the new Primary Tenant from the Related Tenants pop up box.

5.  Click Update.

6.  The Primary Tenant will now be swapped.

NOTE: If there are children in the household, you will need to go in to each of their Client Records to re-link them to the new Primary Tenant.

7.  To re-link a child to the new Primary Tenant, go to the Client Search Screenand find the child in the household. Double click their row to open their Client Record.

8.  The Primary Tenant box will show as the previous Primary Tenant, in this case, Eddie Vedder:

9.  Click the Edit box. 

10. The new Primary Tenant will be displayed. Select the Relationship to Tenant.

11. Exit the record, and repeat steps 7 - 10 for all other Related Tenants in the household.