If you can't see Complaints/Incidents on the individual screens (EG Client screen), you are not a Chintaro System Administrator. The Complaints/Incidents section of the Client, Property, Tenancy, Tradespeople and Tenancy Manager screens are hidden to all users except System Administrators by default, so that access to sensitive information can be controlled. 

Allowing Access for users to view and raise Complaints/Incidents 

If you want to be able to see Complaints/Incidents as well as raise new Complaints/Incidents, please ask your Chintaro System Administrator to navigate to System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Parameters > IncidentAdminOnly and set Parm Number to 0 

Once turned on, the Complaints/Incidents on the Client/Tenancy screen, Property screen, Tradesperson screen, or Property Manager/Tenancy Manager screen show as below: