Use this solution if you have run the Occupancy Calculation and have received an error 'ODBC Call Failed'.
Cause: The reason it's coming up with this error is that it's timing out trying to get the data when trying to calculate for a long period of time. The calculation needs to get the daily room rate records for every day, the occupancy history and tenancy information and when there's lots of activity on the database (Eg currently there are 10 users logged in), it can't make this calculation and will time out. 

Remedy: Run for shorter periods of time (EG 1 month at a time) or run the calculation first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening when the activity on the database is reduced.
If you continuously receive this message, you can attempt to relink your SQL tables by going to the following path in Chintaro:

Home > System Maintenance > Preferences > System > Click 'Relink Now'

Then, run the Occupancy Calculation again.