How to record a Bond paid in full directly to the Bond Authority if you are required to record Bond Lodgements

If a Tenant pays their bond in full to you, and you are in Queensland or another state that requires you to record the date you transferred the Tenant's bond to the Bond Authority, see this solution What are Bond Lodgements? to ensure the transactions are recorded correctly.

If you have bonds lodged directly to the Bond Authority and the tenant does not make payments to your organisation for the initial bond, follow these steps to ensure the transactions are recorded correctly.

When the bond is charged as a Bond Transaction (in the top ledger) the Tenant's Bond Balance shows the Strict Bond Amount and the Bond Balance that is owing. 

In this example, the Tenant's full Bond Amount of $1000 is paid directly to the Authority. 

When you know that the bond has been lodged directly, you will need to record this in Chintaro. 

Go to the Bond Lodgements section of the screen and click the Enter Bond Lodgement button to enter the amount lodged directly to the authority as a credit bond lodgement transaction (including a Lodgement Type, Date, Amount and Comments):

When you add the transaction, the amount you have lodged will show in the Lodged Directly field and the Total Lodged field in the Tenant's Bond Balance section. The Bond Lodgement transaction will show in the Bond Lodgements ledger. The Bond Balance will also be $0.00 as Chintaro recognizes that the tenant no longer owes the bond. 

Enter the Bond Reference into the Bond Reference or Registration field in the Bond Details section.

The Bond is now correctly recorded in Chintaro.