This solution applies to Queensland organizations using Chintaro versions 2020.01.31 and later.

Use this solution if the full bond amount is returned to the Tenant directly from the bond authority

Strict Bond Balance must be reduced to zero

When a tenancy ends the Strict Bond Amount must be reduced to zero to show that the bond is no longer required. 

This is the first step before we record the full bond refund.

From the Tenancy Record, click Bond Transactions or from the Home> Finance> Manage Bonds screen> double click the tenant's row > click Bond Transactions.

In the Bond Transaction Ledger click Enter Bond Transaction to show the date that the tenant's bond is no longer required. This is usually at the end of the tenancy. 

Select the credit bond Transaction Type you have set up previously for recording the end of the tenancy. See also this solution about Transaction Type Configuration

Enter the Date, Amount of the full refund and any Comments.

Click Add

You will now see the transaction in the Bond Transactions Ledger.

You will also see that the Strict Bond Amount has returned to $0.00 and the Bond Balance and To Be Lodged will show that the Bond has to be returned to the tenant. 

Enter the direct bond refund
The direct bond refund is recorded in the Bond Lodgement transactions screen. 
Click the Enter Bond Lodgement button 

Select the Lodgement Type that is a debit transaction that is flagged as Direct

Enter the date of the Bond refund in the Date field.

Enter the Amount refunded in the
Amount field.
Enter any Comments for the transaction.


Total Lodged will now show as zero, and the Bond Refund transaction will show in the Bond Lodgements Ledger.