Transaction Types are used to record what kinds of transactions Tenants are allocated in the system. Some Transaction Types are hard coded in the system (EG Rent Charge) and others can be customised (added, edited or inactivated) by your Chintaro System Administrator. 

The following solution provides guidance on what the Transaction Type Reference Table columns are if you wish to add a new Transaction Type to the system. 

Included are details on Tenancy transaction type and Bond transaction type. 

Configuring Tenancy Transaction Types

Column HeadingData TypeWhat it doesRelated to ...
SiteIDSystem generated number
Not usedN/A
IDSystem generated number
ID of the transaction type. System generated charges are linked to specific IDs:
2 = Rent
98 = Utility
99 = Service Fee
100 = Non-rent Charge
ID is used to cross-reference charge and payment transaction for arrangements.

See the solution:
Transaction typeFree text field
The description of the type and should be unique.See also this solution if the description is missing:
Rent?Tick boxMust be selected if the transaction relates to Rent. If ticked here also select Rent in the Txn Group column.Used for reporting when there is a division between rent and non-rent transactions.
System GeneratedTick boxAutomatically ticked by the system if the ID = 2, 98, 99 or 100. Used for charges to be generated with RentID 2 = Rent Charge
ID 98, 99, 100 are used for other charges in the rent record, where system generated charges can be created at the same time rent is charged.

These transaction types are not available for manual entry of transactions.

To activate or deactivate these charges use Maintenance> Preferences> Finance:
Debit?Tick boxTick if the transaction is a DebitCharges to tenants are debits
GST?Tick boxTick if GST applies to this transactionMaintenance charges will attract GST
BondTick boxTick only for Bond Payment to enable use in splits and arrangementsBond transaction types are listed in the Transaction Type Bond reference table
SplitTick boxTick if this transaction type is a payment and needs to be available for split payments or arrangementsSee the Tenancy payment splits solution:
Txn GroupSelect from listSelect to show balances in the tenancy ledgerSee the solution for setting up transaction groups:
NAV DocumentSelect from listNot commonly used
ArrangementTick boxTick for payment types used for arrangementsUsed in conjunction with the Arrangement Charge ID column. See the solution for setting up arrangements:
WaterTick boxTick for transactions related to waterSee this solution for how to charge water to tenants:
Arrangement Charge IDEnter numberEnter the ID of the charge in this column on the payment transaction row so that charges on arrangements will be paid off by the linked paymentsSee this solution for setting up arrangements:
CentrepayEnter textCentrepay has 3 letter codes to match payments if splits are not being used.
GL Acct CodeEnter textCould be used in some GL exportsSee also the solution for exporting transactions to your General Ledger:
GL Balance Acct CodeEnter textCould be used in some GL exports
THM PaymentTick boxTick for Income in certain reports
See also the solution for Rent collected not showing in HPF report:
Report GroupSelect from listSelect a category for reportingSee also the solution for the Transaction Group Statement options: 
Rep Income?Tick boxTick for Reported Income used in certain reports
GL Credit?Tick boxTick for some general ledger exportsSpecific instructions will be included elsewhere
Tax codeEnter textUsed in some general ledger exportsSpecific instructions will be included elsewhere
RepRowNumberUsed to define the row these transactions update on a specific report.No longer used.
ActiveTick boxTick for all active transaction types, turn off to disable use of transaction type

Configuring Bond Transaction Types:

Note: Bond transactions are kept separate from Tenancy Transactions, and are in their own ledger on the Tenancy Screen > Bond Transactions. 

Column HeadingData TypeWhat it doesRelated to ...
IDSystem generated numberNot used
Transaction TypeEnter textDescription. Should be unique
Debit?Tick boxTick if the transaction is a debitBond refund or withheld is a debit in this ledger
GST?Tick box
Tick if GST applies
GLAcctCodeEnter textUsed in some GL exports

GLBalanceAcctEnter text
Used in some GL exports

ActiveTick box
Tick for all active transaction types

Strict?Tick boxTick if this transaction type is an initial bond charge or a bond increase or decrease related to rent reviews or relates to the end of the tenancy when the bond amount is returned