Use this solution if you would like to set up a FTP of your Client's contact details from Chintaro. Before you run the FTP from Chintaro, you will need to ensure that you have ports 20 and 21 open in Windows. Click this link for instructions to enable FTP.

Set up the parameters in System Maintenance

Before exporting the FTP file, you will need to ensure that the applicable parameters are set up in Chintaro. NOTE: Setting the parameters in this screen only needs to be done once, by one user. 

To do this, from the Home Screen, click System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Parameters and the following screen will open:

Click anywhere int he Parameters table and scroll down until you see FTPIPAddress in the Parm column:

In the Parm Text column, enter your credentials for the following:

Exit the Reference Tables screen by clicking the Home button.

Running the FTP Contacts Export from Chintaro

To export the contact list, from the Home Screen, click Property Maintenance > FTP Contacts Export:

The Export Work Metrics File will open:

To create the file and transfer it, click Export at the top of the screen. Chintaro will create the necessary file, and populate the detail in the box on the left hand side of the screen. Once complete, you will see a message indicating the file has been sent successfully:

If you see an error message at this point, it may be your parameters are not correct or you may not been given permission to the FTP site. Please go back to the top of this solution and check the credentials you have bee provided in System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Parameters. 

For further assistance with FTP from Chintaro

If you require assistance with FTP from Chintaro, please contact