Chintaro includes a screen that users with appropriate permissions can view all Complaints in the system.  In addition to viewing all of the Complaints in the system in this screen, users will be able to print and export the data to build reports on Complaints. 

Viewing the Complaints in Chintaro

To view the Complaints in Chintaro, from the Home Screen, click Complaints, then click Manage Complaints. The Manage Complaints screen will open, where you can view all of the Complaints in the system.

NOTE: This screen will default to show you all the the Complaints that are 'Active' in the system. 

You are able to use the sort, filter hide and unhide functions on any of the columns to customise how you would like to see this screen. Click here to read more about how to use Search Screens in Chintaro 

Reporting on the Complaints in Chintaro

To export all of the Active Complaints in the system, click the Export button at the top of the screen. Microsoft Excel will open where you can use the data outside of Chintaro. If you have sorted/filtered the screen, it will export what you have visible on your screen at the time you click Export:

Clicking the Print button will only print what is visible on your screen, and as printing is limited to an A4 sized page, it is recommended you click Export to view the data out of Chintaro.