If you are new to Chintaro, you may be wondering what the difference is between Centrepay and the Centrelink Confirmation eServices. There are differences between the services and this solution describes the differences with hyperlinks to additional information about both services.


Centrepay is a bill paying service, where Clients with a Centrelink payment can choose to have a portion of their payment deducted for their on going expenses, such as rent, before they receive their payment (from the Centrepay Website).

Centrepay is concerned with the payments from a Client. When a Client pays via Centrepay, the amount is collected and provided to you in a daily batch file which you import in to Chintaro.

Each Centrepay deduction incurs a 99c fee which is a cost to your organisation. This cost is never passed on to your Tenant, but is recorded in Chintaro in the Property screen. Please contact Centrepay for additional information regarding the fees for their service. 


Centrelink Confirmation eServices provides businesses online access to real time information about their Clients where you can confirm your Client's eligibility for your services, provided they have given you consent for this service. This is for your Clients who are receiving a Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs payment (From the CCes Website).

CCeS is concerned with the income of a Client, where you can check their eligibility for your service. As a business, you can also access Electronic Verification of Rent (EVoR) which allows you to update existing rent deductions paid to your organisation on behalf of your Clients via Centrepay and simplify the process of rent verification for your customers - eliminating the need for them to request a Rent Certificate every time there is a change in their rent (from the EVoR website).

Further information

Please click the following links for further information about the services:

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