If you are a Chintaro Cloud customer, your Data that is stored on the Cloud server and is backed up by Chintaro Support. 

What data is backed up by Chintaro Support?

Each Organisation has a folder in the F: Drive that contains their database files, code database (chintaro.mdb), templates etc. This folder is the organisation's acronym with a prefix of c. For MDB Consulting our folder is called 'cMDB'. When we backup your data, we back up this entire folder (cMDB) which includes the Client folder (mdb) and the data folder (Data).

Within the Organisations folder (i.e. cMDB) there is the Data folder that contains the database files, templates, Inspection folders and the Downloads folder. This folder is backed up:

How often does Chintaro Support backup your data?

The Cloud licensing that you have purchased includes the following storage of your backups:

  1. Backup each Organisations data every night. 
  2. Store each Organisation's backups for the last 7 days.
  3. After 7 days, store each Organisation's backup for the first day of the month.
  4. Store 12 months worth of monthly backups for each Organisation. 
  5. After 12 months, only store the Backup for 1st July for every Organisation.

Where are our Backups stored?

Your Organisation's backups are stored on the E: Drive on the Chintaro Cloud server. Neither your Organisation nor any other Organisation has access to this folder to ensure that the security of your backups is not compromised. If you would like access to your backup folder to copy the additional backups (beyond what MDB Consulting are storing for you) to your environment please send an email detailing this request to support@chintaro.com.au.

We would like Chintaro Support to store more backups for us, is that an option?

Absolutely, your Chintaro Cloud licence fee includes the cost to store your backups for the last seven days, monthly and yearly as detailed above. If you would like to purchase additional storage space please get in contact with Chintaro Support by sending an email to support@chintaro.com.au.