If you are trying to add a Client in Chintaro but you are getting the error #3022, you will see the following message:

This message is caused by a corrupt database. To fix this, first ask all users to completely log out of Chintaro. 

You will need to run a repair and compact. You may have a 'Chintaro Repair' icon on your desktop. If you do, double click this icon and enter your username and password. This will repair and compact the database and you will be able to log back in to Chintaro.

If you do not have a Chintaro Repair icon on your desktop, go to your Server\Chintaro\Data folder, and see if there is one in there. 

If you do not have a Chintaro Repair icon set up, click this link to see how to set this up: Setting Up a Repair and Compact

Or contact support@chintaro.com.au for assistance.