Setting Up Repair and Compact / Unrecognised Database Format Error

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From time to time, your RHMDAT.mdb file may be corrupted.

RHMDAT.mdb is the main data file in Chintaro. You will know that the file is corrupted when you get an 'Unrecognised Database Format' error message when opening Chintaro.

You can set up a short cut on your desktop to repair the RHMDAT.mdb file.

NOTE: Before continuing, ensure all users are completely out of Chintaro. You can check this by going in to System Maintenance> Current Users. Your name should be the only name in here.

Close Chintaro.

 Setting Up a Repair and Compact

1. Create a copy of your Chintaro short cut, by right clicking the Chintaro icon on your desktop, and selecting 'Copy'.

2. Paste the short cut on your desktop.

3. Rename the short cut CHINTARO Repair:


4. Right click on the CHINTARO - Repair icon and select Properties.

5. You will see the Target field, which will have something like this in it:



5. Take note of what letter is after /wrkgrp. You will need this when entering your target line.  

6. Replace what is in the Target Line with the following (in bold), but replace the x at the beginning of the line with the letter after /wrkgrp that you took note of earlier.

x:\CHINTARO\data\rhmdat.mdb /wrkgrp x:\CHINTARO\data\rhp.mdw /repair

 Running a Repair and Compact

Double click the Chintaro Repair icon, and use your normal log in Username and password. The repair and compact may take some time to run. You will see the database compacting at the bottom of the screen:


When the Repair and Compact has finished, it will close itself, and you will be able to log in to your normal Chintaro icon. 

 If you have run a Repair and Compact and the issue still persists

Please contact Chintaro Support:

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