Electronic Verification of Rent (EVoR) is a free and secure online data exchange service between your Organisation and Centrelink. It can be used by your Organisation to verify and update a Client’s rent amount each time there is a change in rent. If you wish to use this function, you must contact your Centrepay representative to set up EVoR.

To create a single CSV file containing bulk Client information to send to Centrelink, from the Centrelink Functions Sub-Menu, click Electronic Verification of Rent (EVoR).

The Electronic Verification of Rent screen will open:

Output Folder: Select the folder that the CSV file will be saved in, by clicking the

File Name: Enter the name that the file will be saved as

Organisation CRN: Will default to your Organisation’s Centrelink CRN

User Details: Will default from your Organisation Details

Date of Deduction: Enter the Date of Deduction/CRA Changes. This must be at least 15 days in to the future.

EVoR Type: Select the EVoR type as either Centrepay Deductions or CRA (Commonwealth Rent Assistance) Changes Only

Rent Amount: Select either ‘The rent amount as the deduction date’ or ‘The “New Rent” Amount’

Adjustments: Select ‘Rent Only Amount’, ‘PLUS all arrangement amounts’ or ‘LESS ASLs’

Filter the screen to the Tenants you want to create the file for. Click  to select all,  to untick all included Tenants, or  to go back to the default view. 


The CSV file will now be available in the Output Folder you selected

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