The Reports Groups and Reports tabs are where you can restrict access to different report groups in Reports and Exports, and specific reports within those groups (for instance, allow access to the Finance reports but remove access to Bank Account reports and allow access to Tenancy Balances reports). This solution details:

Restricting access to Report Groups

To restrict/allow access to Report Groups, from the Home screen, click System Maintenance, then Security and click the Reports Groups tab:

The Description column shows you the 5 Report groups that all reports are grouped under. The columns in the Report Groups screen correspond with the User Roles in the User Maintenance Tab. Group 1 is User Role 1 etc. If you would like to remove access to all reports in this group, untick the corresponding box for the User Role.

If you want to allow access to the Report Group but limit which specific reports the user can run, allow access to the Group by leaving the box ticked and select the Reports tab:

Restricting access to Reports

To restrict access to certain reports, ensure that your Report Group is allowed for the user role, and untick the report names that you do not want the level/user to see from the grid: