If you wish to reconcile your Chintaro bank account with your actual bank account, you should use the Chintaro report Finance>Bank Statement (Date Range) which prints out your Chintaro Bank transactions in a bank Statement format which you can compare with your real Bank Statement.

Select the Bank Account and the Date Range you want and click Preview. 

To make sure the Running Balance on your report matches that on your statement, you will need to enter a one off Opening Balance account into each of your Chintaro Banks Accounts.

To do this, go to Finance>Bank Functions>Manual Bank Processing:

Choose the Bank Account, and then Enter a single line (as shown in the screenshot below.  Just enter

  • The Date - Should be the date before your bank transactions start,
  • The Opening Balance amount - Enter a Positive number for a Credit balance and a negative number for a Debit balance
  • "Opening Balance" in the Description
  • *Not a Rent Payment in the Tenancy dropdown.

Once you have entered the line, you can click Generate Payments and Transfer To Bank Account,

Your running balance on your Chintaro Bank Statement should now match the one on your real Bank Statement.