The Rent Review function of Chintaro is used to review a Tenant’s rent and apply the changes in bulk, from a specific date.

To access the Rent Review screen, from the Tenancies Sub-Menu, click Rent Review

The Rent Review screen will open:

When the Rent Review screen opens, there may be some values entered in to the New Rent, New Furniture, New Garden, New Utilities & New Market Rent columns. You are able to enter values in to any of these fields, and the values will be retained if you exit out of the screen. 

Clicking  will delete all values in this screen and return to the default view. Click Clear New Rents if you are beginning a Rent Review for the next Rent Review period. 

Double click on any row to open the Tenancy Record to calculate what the Rent (and/or other charges) and Market Rent charges will be applied upon review
Enter the new values of Rent, Non-Rent charges & Market Rent in to each Tenant’s row
Select the Tenant(s) you want to apply the Rent Review for by clicking the Include box. Only those Tenant’s with the Include box ticked will have the Rent Review applied to their Rent Record. Click  to select all Tenants,  to deselect all Tenants, or select Tenants individually by ticking the Include box. Clicking  will go back to the default view.
Apply an 

Click  to apply the Rent Review for the selected Tenants. Only those Tenants who have the Include box ticked and an effective date will have the Rent Review applied. 
The Rent Review will be applied to the selected Tenant’s Rent Record