The Arrears Management screen is used to view the Tenants who are in Arrears and perform Arrears Actions for those Tenants. This screen enables you to create Word Merge letters to Tenants in bulk, and automatically creates Arrears Actions on the Tenant’s record when an action has been performed. The Arrears Action process will be the steps that your Organisation has decided to take in dealing with Tenants in Arrears.

To view the Arrears Management screen, from the Tenancies Sub-Menu, click Arrears Management.

A warning pop up will open, advising you that the Arrears Management screen may take some time to load. Click Yes to continue.

The Arrears Management screen will open:

This screen can be viewed in one of two formats,

  1. Including Accrued Total Balance and Accrued Rent Balance: This option will show additional columns for the tenant balances in the same way that the 'Balance As At Today' button works on the Tenancy Screen. Both of these amounts will match. The Accrued balances are always ‘As At Today’. The Balance, Rent Balance and Non-Rent Balance columns will be displayed as generated as at the date entered on the screen.
  2. Excluding the Accrued balances: This option will show users the tenant balances as generated only, as at today (by default) or as at the particular date entered on the screen.
In order for the Screen to update to the date chosen, users must enter the date and then click 'Enter' on their keyboard.
Users can set the default display for this screen by going to Home > System Maintenance > Preferences > Finance: Arrears Screens - Include Accrued?

The Arrears Management screen displays a list of all Tenancies (both Active and Vacated) that are in Arrears (even if only by -$0.01 or 1 day). To get a more realistic view of Tenants who are in Arrears, use the sorting and filtering techniques to allow you to work with a smaller group of records. To access these filters, left click the arrows on the column headers and tick the boxes of the filters you wish to apply.

You can use these filters individually or in any combination, on all of the column headings. To access the Text Filters, left click on the black arrow in the column heading, and manually select the boxes you wish to filter to.
Text Filters can be applied on balance fields to view the Tenants in the greatest amount of Arrears at the top of the list, by sorting Smallest to Largest (as Arrears are negative amounts).

The Last Arrears Action column will indicate what Arrears Action was last taken for the Tenant. It will show the date the Action was taken, along with the Action taken and what the Rent Arrears amount was when the Action was taken.

Step 1: Select the Arrears Action you want to take for the Tenant, by selecting either Arrears Notice (Documents -EG letters), Arrears Action (Not documents -EG telephone call), Email or SMS.

If you are sending an Arrears Notice (Word Merge) to Tenants, when the Word Merge opens in Microsoft Word, you have full functionality that Microsoft Word offers.

You can alter or change the Word Templates that your Arrears Notices are based on. (See Solution: Set Up Word Merges 

Select the Tenant(s) you will to perform the Arrears Action for by ticking the box. This will create an Arrears Action for each Tenant who has a tick in this box.

Click the corresponding blue button at the top of the screen (EG If you are sending an Arrears Notice, click Word Merge. If you performing an Arrears Action, click Update Arrears Action. If you are sending an Email, click Send Email, and if you are sending an SMS, click Send SMS). 

A pop up box will advise you the record(s) were added to the Arrears Action history successfully.

The Tenancy Record will now be updated to show the Arrears Action that was taken in the Arrears Action box:


To view or remove the Arrears Action from this box, double click on the Arrears Action. To remove the Arrears Action, untick the Active box.

On the Arrears Management screen, the Last Arrears Action and Latest Arrears Action column will now be updated to reflect the action taken.

You are able to export the data on the Arrears Management screen straight to Microsoft Excel by clicking the button. Clicking will show the default view of all records again.