From time to time, rent needs to be corrected, for example, if a Tenant’s rent was charged at the wrong rate, it will need to be corrected.

1. Remove all incorrect charges from the Tenancy Transactions screen by sending them to the Buffer Account, then
2. Edit the Rent Record, then
3. Generate the rent forward at the correct rate.

Remove all incorrect rent charges

From the Tenancy Record, double click on a rent charge that is incorrect. To remove this rent charge, you will need to send it to the Buffer Account.

When in the Transaction Details pop-up, click


Chintaro will ask if you want to transfer the transaction to the Buffer Account. Click 'Yes'.

Clicking 'Yes' will remove the transaction from the Tenancy Transactions ledger. 

 You will need to repeat this process for all incorrect Rent Charges. 

Edit the Rent Record

Click  on the left hand side of the screen and the middle of the screen will change to show the weekly Rent Record.

In the current Rent Record (the line with no End Date), enter an End Date as the last day the Tenant was charged Rent at that rate (EG The last date this Tenant was charged $100 for the Room was 6/1/17):

Messages will appear to state 'There is no current Rent Record'. Click OK.

In the Line with the * enter the new Rent Record, including Start Date, (skip the End Date) enter the Other Charges and Market Rent (EG The first date of the new Rent Charges will begin is 7/1/17 - the day after the last End Date):

 Generate the Rent forward

Once the Rent Record has been updated, you can wait until the Rent is generated in bulk, or click  to generate the Tenant’s rent forward with the correct rate.