This Solution is followed if you are returning the full bond amount to the Tenant. If you are returning a partial bond refund to the Tenant (and withholding some of the bond to cover damages/arrears, click here to view the Partial Bond Refund Solution.

 After refunding a Tenant'a bond, you will record the details of the Bond Refund in Chintaro. From the Tenancy Record, click Bond Transactions.

Change the Bond Amount to zero. This will signify that you are no longer holding the Bond.

Enter the amount of Bond to be refunded in the Refund Required field.

Enter the Date you refunded the Bond in the Refund Lodged field.
Select a Refund Reason from the drop down list. Refund Reasons can be added to the system by your System Administrator, through System Maintenance> Reference Tables> Bond Refund Reason.

Clickand select the Transaction Type as Bond Refund. Enter the Date, Amount of the Bond to be refunded, and any Comments.

The Total will now show as zero, and then Bond Refund transaction will show in the Bond Ledger.