Chintaro enables you to use a screen to apply a Market Rent Review to your properties in bulk, which prevents the need of going in to each property to update the rate of each room.

Applying a market rent review in bulk

From the Home Screen, click Properties, then click Market Rent Review:

First, sort and filter the screen to display the Rooms you will apply Market Rent review for. Click this link if you're unsure how to filter and sort Chintaro screens.

Then, enter the New Start Date of the Rent Review - this will default to today's date and is very important to change. 

Next, enter the New Weekly Market Rent amount and enter any other additional charges as required.

If there are additional charges to the property, you can update the 7 additional fields with the relevant charges.

When you are ready to apply the rent review, individually select the Rooms you want to include in the Rent Review from the Include column, or click the Select All button if you have filtered the screen to a smaller set of properties/rooms. 

To apply the rent review to each room, click the Apply Rent Review button.

A warning message will pop-up asking for confirmation that you want to update the Market Rents for the selected Rooms. Click Yes to continue, or No to cancel:
The Market Rents will be updated for the selected Rooms and you will see the new rates applied directly in this screen. You can also open the individual Room and have a look at the new line in the rent record to reflect the market rent change by opening the property and double clicking on the room. The old rent record will be closed at the day before the Rent Review took place, and a new line will be created as at the rent review start date you entered: