Property Managers

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Property Managers are the individuals or organisations responsible for managing your properties. They may be people internal to your organisation, property or maintenance workers or may be external Organisations such as Real Estate agents or other Organisations that manage Properties. 

Many screens can be filtered by Property Manager so it’s important to allocate these people/organisations to your dwellings. 

This solution covers:

Where do I find the Property Manager field?

Property Managers are found on each Property screen in the General section: 


NOTE: The Property Manager drop down list doubles as the Tenancy Manager drop down list. There is a similar field on the Tenancy screen called Tenancy Manager, and this is because Tenancy Manager and Property Manager Roles are often undertaken by the same people.

Adding a new Property Manager to the system

To access the Property Manager screen, from the Home Screen, click Properties, and then click Property Managers:

To add a new Property Manager, click Add Manager and enter all relevant fields as follows:

Manager NameIndividual's full name or organisation's name (if the manager is a Real Estate Agent or similar)
Chintaro UsernameIf they are a Property Manager within your organisation, elect from dropdown if applicable
Job TitleSelf explanatory
AddressIf you are adding an internal manager, you do not have to fill out information such as Address, Postal AddressContact Name 1 as this is not relevant.
Postal Address 
Contact 1 Name
Contact 1 Phone, FaxAdd the mobile/landline and fax if applicable.
Contact 1 EmailIf you would like to email notes to the Property Manager, ensure you enter their email address.
Contact 2 NameIf you are adding an internal manager, you do not have to fill out information such as Address, Postal AddressContact Name 2 as this is not relevant.
Contact 2 Phone, Fax
Bank NameRecord the next 4 fields with bank information, if you are required to keep a record of the bank details of the manager in the event you are required to pay them for services.
BSB / Account Number
Account Name

Exit the screen to save the record. You will now be able to select the manager you just added on the Property screen.

Reassigning or changing the manager of one property

To change the Property Manager listed on one Property, click Property in the toolbar and double click on the row of the Property you want to change the manager for. 

Drop the Property Manager field down and select the new manager from your list. Once you exit the screen, the new manager selected will be saved in the field.

Reassigning or changing the manager of multiple properties

At times, you will need to change the manager allocated to several properties. This may be the case if a staff member leaves your organisation and another has been allocated the Property Manager. 

To bulk reassign a Property Manager, open the Manage Properties screen by either clicking the Property button in the Toolbar, or from the Home Screen > Properties > Manage Properties:

Filter the Property Manager column to show the Property Manager who is leaving/will be replaced by right clicking the Property Manager's name who you want to change/remove and selecting 'Equals NAME':

You are able to filter the screen by multiple columns (EG Program column, then Property Manager, or vice-versa) if you wish to further filter the screen before reassigning the Property Manager, but you must filter by at least the Property Manager column.

Once the screen has been filtered to show only the Property Manager that will be leaving/replaced, and any other columns that need filtering, click the Re-assign Property Mgr button:

A white drop down box will appear:

Select the new Property Manager that the Properties will be changed/reassigned to:

Click the Re-assign Property Mgr button again and a pop up box will appear, asking if you want to update the number of Properties you have on the screen. Click Yes.

Another pop up box will appear to confirm the Properties have been assigned to the new Property Manager.

Removing/Inactivating a Property Manager from Chintaro

If a Property Manager has left your organisation, you are able to effectively remove them from Chintaro by making the Property manager inactive. 

To remove a Property Manager from the system, from the Home Screen, click Properties, then Property Managers. This will open the Property Managers screen:

Double click anywhere along the row of the Property or Tenancy Manager you wish to remove. This will open the managers record.

Move to the bottom left of the screen, then untick the box.

Exit the record and t
he Property Manager will no longer show in the list of Active Managers or on any Property or Tenancy.

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