The Email function on the Client Screen is used to send a single Email to a Client directly from Chintaro. If you wish to send a single email to your Client, go to the Client Record (Home Screen> Clients> Manage Clients> Double click Client's row).

NOTE: You must have a valid email address in the Email field of the Client Screen to send an email to the Client.

Click Email and a pop up will appear:

Create Client Note?: Ticking this box will automatically record a Client Note with the contents of the sent Email. This box can be ticked as a default through System Maintenance> Preferences> Tenancies Rent> Create Client Note.

 : Clicking the ellipsis box will allow you to add attachments to your email.

Enter the Subject and Message you want to send the Client as you usually would with any other Email.

The Email you send from Chintaro will be sent from your desktop Email system. You may get a message asking your approval to be sent and if so, your IT Department may be able to assist you to remove this warning. All replies will be sent to your desktop Email system.


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